“The Brook”

Read poem “The Brook” …. Intresting one.. !
I love the way the poet has described brook … just felt so close to nature … have any of you ever felt the same ?
That river … its way ….. exact as human life … the twist n turns in life at any point of time… and how to deal with it .. with with full of energy , youth ! n then .. bieng silent n just sliding through some  ’grassy plots’  in the old times …

” Men may come & men may go ,
But I go on forever !”

Phobia of a teacher to a student

Everyone have some phobias in life – Phobia of insects , phobia of water , phobia of dark , etc…..
I also have a phobia , you will not believe it… but its a teacher … Whenever I think of her , I am just too scared !! …. like a moment wen there is no connection of by that thing … still if I think of her I become really very sad at that moment too.. !! No-one can ever believe that someone can be  that much scared from a teacher … right ? But that’s true ..

Exam tension & Aalu Paranthaa

WanGerrard_-_Exam_Stress  I am having exam tension !!

What to do ? I have an  english paper tomorrow in my coaching class ….
I don’t fell that literature is difficult .. its so easy …. stress because I haven’t done anything !!

But I guess there is only one way anyone can release their exam tension …. yummy aalu pranthaa with lots of butter !!!

Mouth watering … isn’t it ? I am sure you want to eat aalu pranthaa , delicious !

Okay … you have aalu pranthaa I am gonna study now ! :)